Client: Bernie Sanders / Henry Holt and Co.
Art Direction: April Ward
Recognition: Print Regional Design Awards 2018 / The Best of Design

For his book, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, Senator Sanders required eye-catching, but easy to read, infographics that would appeal to a Young Adult audience while visually capturing the various concepts presented throughout the book, such as income inequality, healthcare reform, and global warming.
I decided this book needed a different approach than my usual clean vector or pixel style infographics, and settled on a late 1980s punk rock flyer aesthetic consistent with the political mood of that time period... and now. Lots of cut-and-paste xerox copies and hand-lettering, just swapping out obscenely wealthy CEOs for Ronald Reagan heads.
It was an incredibly fun and rewarding project, and the book debuted at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list for Young Adults.

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