Client: Miami New Times
Art Director: Miche Ratto
Recognition: American Illustration 34 (2015)
For their annual "Best of 2014" issue, the Miami New Times decided to go with a "Game On!" video game theme. They wanted the cover, and each section opener, to imagine iconic video game characters experiencing the best that Miami has to offer. 
For the cover illustration, they wanted to parody the Super Mario Bros. engaging in their favorite summer activity: rollerblading.
For the "Bars and Music" section, we decided that Donkey Kong was the party animal most likely to throw a raging kegger.
For the "Shops and Wares" section, we imagined that after winning the title of Street Fighter World Champion, Chun Li would want to celebrate with a shopping spree in downtown Miami.
For the "City Life" section, we thought who better to serve up that nice cold ice cream than the coolest Mortal Kombat fighter of all time, Sub-Zero.
For the "Finest Foods" section, it seemed a no-brainer to use a character who literally eats his enemies for breakfast.
For the "Arts and Culture" section, we went for DOUBLE PARODY POINTS with this mashup of The Legend of Zelda and the film Titanic.

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