Client: WWE
Art Director: Joelle Brito
Wrestler Braun Strowman has sort of a reputation for physically assaulting large motor vehicles. For this project I tag teamed up with WWE to create a series of images of Braun flipping a truck so hard it flies up into space before crashing to the ground in a fiery explosion.
We then used the "tap to advance" mechanic of Instagram's Story function to create an interactive user experience where wrestling fans could tap rapidly to control Braun's rampage. You can experience "Flip a Truck with Braun Strowman" here.
I also created a regular animation using the images that WWE used for one of their regular Instagram posts.
Instagrammers were invited to "tap rapidly" through the 45 images to animate Braun flipping the truck. There were actually over 100 frames altogether but it was edited down for time. You can flip through the entire experience on my Instagram.

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