Client: The Franklin Institute
Art Director: Jesse Flood
The Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia hired me to create a series of 22 infographics to illustrate the various components of their new Electricity exhibit.
This illustration explains how static electricity works on an atomic level...
...and it accompanied a station that let kids have a "hair-raising" electrical experience!
This infographic was designed to show the percentage of electricity that comes from each power source in the United States.
This illustration explains how lightning works.
This illustration explains how the different types of lightbulbs convert electricity into light...
...and it accompanied a station showing each of the lightbulb types in action.
This illustration accompanied a large dancefloor that used kinetic energy (museum-goers dancing on the floor panels) to power a large overhead Tesla Coil... when enough power was generated through dancing on the tiles, the Tesla Coil would put on quite a light show!
I also created a huge mural that wrapped around two walls of the exhibit that showed a city power grid morphing into a network of electrical synapses.
Overall this was a hugely rewarding project to work on, and it was great to check out the exhibit and see my illustrations in such a large, interactive environment.

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