Client: COACH
Art Direction: Haruka Ebisawa, David Boddy
I recently had the pleasure of creating all of the visuals for Rexy's Holiday Race, a fun snowboarding game for COACH. After selecting an outfit, players control Rexy on her snowboard by pressing down as she descends hills and releasing at the bottom to send her soaring. It's a lot of fun (but not without glitches, so keep in mind I only did the art!) and you can play it at at least during the holidays.
The first level takes you through the mountains of Japan. Watch out for tree stumps and collect all the handbags!
This is actually the 3rd level. On your way from Tokyo to NYC, collect pizza and more handbags!
Welcome to Snowdrift Station. The ground may be slippery when wet. Get those bags, Rexy!

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