Frobisher Says

Client: SONY Entertainment
Art Director: Richard Hogg, Honeyslug

Awhile back I was commissioned to do some illustration work for a rather peculiar video game for the SONY Vita called Frobisher Says. The brainchild of Richard Hogg and indie developer Honeyslug, Frobisher Says involves playing through a fast-paced sequence of minigames at the command of the titular character. It’s hard to explain, so I suggest watching the appropriately bizarre commercial for the game here.
My favorite of the three games I worked on is called “Stir My Soups”, and involves rotating the thumb joysticks in the required (usually alternate) direction as Frobisher’s crazy eyes spin around and around.
This one involves running through Frobisher’s Mansion and finding friends from your Playstation network and leading them to Frobisher’s hot tub.
This last one is a slot machine game, with an unusual twist… if you pull the lever you're at the mercy of Lady Luck, but you can actually use the touchscreen to push the reels into a jackpot combination (see gameplay below).
The game was originally only available in Europe, but I just found out it will be available in the US as of October 23rd! And best of all, it’s free! So if you have a Vita, make sure to grab your free copy.

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